In het afgelopen decennia hebben we het vertrouwen gekregen van onze klanten om mooie projecten te mogen uitvoeren.  In vele gevallen is het een must om confidentieel om te gaan met onze referenties.  Een aantal van onze referenties kan u hier terugvinden.  Om een volledig beeld te krijgen van onze projecten, MEWA filosofie en aanpak maken wij graag tijd vrij voor een persoonlijke afspraak.

Case studies

Create new Test Pilot Plant for FMCG customer in R&D facility with very specific internal environment of the building.

Expansion of cooling tower water availability is requested for the further growth of a pharma-plant.

Create site master plan for chiller and cooling tower renewals over different years.

Prepare BVOA for different type of packing technologies, production line adaptations, …

Implementation of a CHP installation in an industrial food environment. Connection with different type of critical site utilities in a dense complex area.

Provide energy advice and plan to start with the phase renewal of our 30MW boiler installation and hydraulic loop.

(Client: VUB - University of Brussels)

Provide new heating and hot water for student homes with a minimum of disturbance for the students.

(Client: VUB - University of Brussels)

Request to renew old coolwater loop at test plant. Underground piping to change into HDPE piping without disturbance in the test facilities.

Provide new stability rooms for R&D site. 10 rooms with different dimensions, different temperatures, different Relative Humidity which needs to work 8760h/year without any disturbance.

Onze teams werken intussen voor :
Procter & Gamble -  Jones Lang Lassalle - Kellogg’s – Pfizer – Novartis - Friesland Compina - VUB Brussels University - UZB Hospital Brussels – Pringles – Alcon – Ford Motor Company - Everlam - Dupont - Axalta – Befimmo – Nordfrost - Hewlett Packard – Duracell – Nicols – Lanxess – Ecluse – UOP Honeywell – A.Schulman – IMEC – KMDA – Umicore – Electrabel Engie – Eurocontrol – Becton Dickinson – GSE – Compass Group – …