Magnet Group

Magnet Group is an independent multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy firm specializing in engineering, project and construction management of industrial projects in various industries.

The main objective of our multidisciplinary team is to give our customers peace of mind. We implement the MEWA™ philosophy in each aspect of our work.
The MEWA™ philosophy focuses on our employees, as they are the driving force behind our organization.

The consistent implementation of the MEWA™ philosophy gives our customers peace of mind and ensures more motivated and productive employees.

A true win-win situation.


On Friday 10 November 2017, the management presented the new name, logo, visual identity and website.

All employees engaged in activities in search of various jigsaw pieces. In the end, all the jigsaw pieces made up the new logo.

People were eager to participate, the atmosphere was exuberant and everyone was very enthusiastic!

At the beginning of October '17 we were invited by VOKA Mechelen to participate in a panel discussion about the mission of the manufacturing industry in Belgium.

A fascinating conversation with business leaders in the manufacturing industry and a number of supporting companies to the industry in the field of automation, engineering, ...

Further automation, the climate conventions of Paris and (hopefully) soon Bonn will provide us and our customers with a nice challenge to which we can only get better in the future.

Our Process Utilities, HVAC and Building Technology departments have actively promoted the use of Hysopt software since 2015.

This hydraulic simulation software allows us to make very detailed simulations, energy and other calculations of existing and new hydraulic installations. This has saved us - and our customers - a lot of money in recent years.

We use this software for every new project to make the necessary detailed calculations and simulations. These go much further than the calculations and simulations offered by the average engineering firm.